Chic Evolution in Art

During Scope Miami 2018 I had the opportunity to meet with the team at Chic Evolution Art, an awesome gallery based in Atlanta Georgia that was in the process of opening up a second location this coming Spring. After a series of calls and discussions I am excited to announce that Chic Evolution Art is the newest gallery I am working with. 

I created a new series of pieces for them including 3 new muppet portraits as well as a large Pink Panther. I have waned to do some pieces involving the Pink Panther for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to experiment with some new colors and techniques. Over the past few months I’ve been using more spraypaint in my pieces and have been loving the bright vibrancy that spray paint offers. I thought the color combination of the bright Pepto Bismol pink of the pink panther would look really awesome against a neon green and began sketching different pink panther mockups before eventually arriving at the final design I ended up painting. 

SmoothCriminal Ben.jpg

YoHood 2018 - Shanghai

I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Yoho’s annual YoHood event in Shangahi this year. I just got back from the event and was one of 50 international artists invited to showcase their work ranging from Asia to Europe and America.

I had 3 pieces on display. One Mario piece which was completely mine and then 2 collab pieces I did with @RichyBillion. The show went really well and it was awesome to see so many cool international artists that I haven’t been exposed to in North America. 


Graffik Gallery - London

This past weekend I had the opportunity to finally meet with Ollie, the owner of Graffik Gallery in London. Graffik Gallery is an incredibly pop art gallery and the most recent gallery to start carrying my work. They have 2 of my favorite Mario Bitcoin pieces at the moment. 


Collaboration Pieces with Jisbar Complete - More Coming

The first 2 pieces I did with Jisbar are complete. One has already sold and the other one is going up on display in Sist'Art Gallery in Piazza San Marco Venice. I also had the opportunity to finally meet with Jisbar where we planned out our next collaboration piece. 


Really Amazing Artist. His stuff is available here:


Artwork now available in The Gallery 21 - Tel Aviv

I am incredibly honored to be working with the Gallery 21 in Tel Aviv. The Gallery 21 is in the heart of Tel Aviv and features an awesome roster of international artists.

I have 4 pieces of artwork available here as well as a neon sign I recently released. 


Artwork available in Addictive Art House - Palm Beach FL