I partnered up with @Richy_Billion to create a series of paintings combining our unique styles into truly one of a kind works of art. The pieces combine techniques ranging from: Oil, Acrylic and Spray Paint, UV paint, 3D printing, gold leafing, automotive holographic flakes and resin. 

Abut Richy: Growing up in El Paso TX, there was a lot of cultural influence that led me to where I am today. Whether it was the high end low rider clubs, my gang related uncle, or the noticeable difference between the poverty bracket and the black market riches all around me, I felt influenced. One thing I’ve always felt I could reach the upper echelon with is my creativity and what I can put into my artwork. With a street art and graffitti background, I’ve been able to create pieces that speak to my influences while simultaneously reflecting luxury. I draw from struggles, achievements, music, experiences that are my own and others. At the end of the day what you’ll see in all of my work is money. That’s my motivation like most people. That in itself is relatable to the population of this world. -Richy Billion