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Watch Anish and Poss Arts have partnered up to curate an exclusive number of original art pieces created by Ben Gulak. The pieces feature Gulak’s iconic style, blending naturalist painting techniques with iconic pop cultural icons capturing our childhood memories all grown up. They allow us to re-imagine ourselves as our favorite characters in today’s modern world mixing reality with fantasy.  With an obsessive attention to detail and multi layered 3D painting techniques developed by Gulak, his art appears to come to life jumping right off the canvases into our world. 

In addition to the paintings, there are a number of one of a kind Neon Art installations that make us re-think what’s possible with neon lights. Ranging from a 3-Dimensional Neon Chandelier to a one of a kind Kate Moss Wall hanging and the famous Gucci Ghost Logo re-imagined as a floating light.